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contact: Wim Adema

mail: w.adema6(at)kpnplanet.nl

website: www.wimadema.nl

I was succesfully educated at the Academy of Arts of Rotterdam as a sculptor. (1978-1984). From 1986-1997 I was artistically responsible for the activities of the 't Oude Raadhuys' at Spijkenisse (the Netherlands). This is a centre for contemporary arts. With photography viz. macrophotography I tried (since 1997) to create a new visual world with line, light, color and form in the world of glass. An 3-dimensional microworld and new color-architecture. Painting with light and color. Forms and compositions from an unknown planet were possible. From september 2003 I am working in the nature. With my camera I am following the development of the seasons. Trying to find a 'magical' reality behind our wellknown visual world. (An experiment with backlight, colors, forms and energy). My older work, the macrophotography is its best when viewed in large dimensions and seen like in large open spaces like offices. My more recent experimental nature-photography is more intimate, colourfull with an sharp-unsharp atmosphere, within dimensions of 40 x 40/80 x 80 cm.

I am also writing about contemporary art. You can read my publications in Het Beeldende Kunstjournaal (see: www.beeldendekunstjournaal.nl). Many aspects of visual arts are also important to talk about.


  • 1999- Spijkenisse and Rotterdam, group
  • 2002- Delft: Ceramicmanifestation; Delft, group
  • 2002- Rotterdam: photography-overview 1998-2002
  • 2003- Groningen: photography and ceramic objects- overview 1998-2003
  • 2005-2010 Doetinchem: Huntenkunst-International Art Platform
  • 2010- Alatri (Italy) Mostra 2010 in Museo Civico te Alatri (curator Adelinda Allegretti); this was an international presentation

I am trying to discover unique visual moments with my camera. To find the hidden moments of energy and mystery. A photographical world of an sharp and unsharp reality. Unknown images. I am also very interested in artists who are working with film, video, photography, computers and interactive media. Media-installations with a view at the future. Artists from Asia are often very important for me. But the history of art is my basic inspiration. The arts as a platform of world-wide creative energy. Studying and writing about arts, but also creating new images, that is my plan for the next years.

For a presentation of my work see my homepage.